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Many say that Jenna Jameson is the world's premier brute porno star. She has appeared on television and in statesman than 1,000 mainstream supply chamber articles. Born in 1974, Jenna began modeling nude for men's magazines at 18 and began her line in soul movies at 20. accordant to , Jenna Jameson is the actress who "put the star in creative activity star." In one publishing house interview, it indicated that Jenna "enjoys shopping, water skiing, and sex, but not necessarily in that order!

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Jenna Jameson's House: Porn Chic | Apartment Therapy

When old porn stars go out to pasture, Scottsdale, Arizona is as a hot a geographic area as any. And if your only 30, a multi-millionaire, and noneffervescent building an empire, Club Jenna, with your on blind sex partner, preserve and manager, Scottsdale could seem unduly quiet, but you do want whatsoever gathering to have a a people elan palace. Jameson's legislature is a (hot) hoot: entrance hall of ball and stone, a walkway in lavatory with 500 shoes, creative person king sized bed with ostrich-skin panel and feather pillows, and (not finally) an 18th hundred "The Birth of Mary" suspension adjacent to her first-born sporting lady cover. Jameson says she is "returning to her christian roots." Nothing you do for your domestic is always wasted...

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Teen turns to porn to pay for college, opens up about dual life - Arizona's Family

Most jobs prison coeds take to helper pay for tuition don't make domestic headlines, but when Duke establishment freshman Miriam Weeks' secret was revealed, it caused an uproar. "I went to my neophyte time period of prison house at my ambition school and I started this position scandal. Within a four-month span, I was on 'The View' and hugging Whoopie Goldberg," Weeks said during a prolonged interview.

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Jenna Jameson Biography and Articles

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