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Newspapers In Education - Philly

Welcome to The Philadelphia Inquirer's Newspapers in Education Web site. The Newspapers in Education software package puts newspapers and educational resources in the hands of students and educator’s and creates connections betwixt teaching and the realistic world. investigate our website to brainwave information about the program, valuable resources and manner that you can be involved.

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“Fuck the Patriarchy” – guest post by Clare | Hännah Ettinger

My sister (a dissimilar one — she’s 17 and doing dual enrollment at the local accord prison to end up her terminal period of superior school via homeschooling and will start prison on the eastern slope this advent fall) was reputed to go to prom this past weekend, but everything went terribly wrong. once I saw her Facebook status about it (which used the specially perfect grammatical construction “rape culture activists”), I asked if she wanted to apportionment her story with you here, and she took a diminutive time this evening to pen up this fantastic business for you all. *** So, I’m a advanced building senior, a homeschooler, and a girl, and thing really awful happened to me last night, and it made me genuinely mad. I untaped in Richmond, VA and several weeks ago my adult male got our tickets to the state capital Homeschool Prom. This story is really pretty common — things same this happened a lot in the homeschool ballroom dance common theater circles in Richmond. Not so a lot because it was something that did perpetual change of integrity to me, but because it is something I have seen happen over, and all over and terminated to people I sexual love and care for very much, and on what better day then mother’s day could I modify a support for the mothers, and the sisters, and the daughters and the friends who rich person been victims of this painful, traumatizing evil. The idea was “Twilight in Paris.” I got my dress, my shoes, we got our flowers and we waited thirstily for Saturday to arrive.

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